About Us

Welcome to Jigsaw Clinic London, set up to help children, young people and adults with difficulties in social and emotional development and learning. In our experience, issues in these areas are often linked, and can impact on an individual’s mental health, academic performance, employment and relationships across their lifetime. Our mission is to help people of all ages gain the right support in each of these areas so that they can achieve their potential and live happy fulfilling lives. 


We believe in the importance of a careful assessment which identifies specific developmental conditions if present. We seek to build a profile of each individual's unique pattern of strengths as well as areas of need. The assessment is the basis for specific recommendations for intervention, which can include psychological therapy for emotional issues, educational support for learning issues, or strategies for managing at work. At the same time, helping an individual recognize and capitalize on their strengths builds emotional health and resilience. 

Jigsaw Clinic Vision 

We are committed to taking a developmental, strengths-based and person-centred perspective with each client we work with; and putting their views, perspectives and priorities at the heart of what we do. Our assessments are collaborative and intended to enhance insight and positive change. We aim to nurture adaptive coping mechanisms in individual and family systems; and to promote each person's growth and potential - no matter their starting point.


We recognize the critical role played by relationships in nurturing social and emotional development throughout life. By helping individuals to develop insight into themselves and their families to better understand them, we aim to enhance the connections between them, so that they find their 'fit' with the world.