Terms and Conditions Summary


We always let you know how much a service will cost before confirming an appointment. We send you an invoice once the service has been completed and you have 14 days to pay. We send you a reminder if we do not receive a payment. The full fee is charged for appointments cancelled without notice, or when we are given less than 48 hours notice. Initial consultation fees are paid before we undertake any further assessment work, and finalised versions of reports are released when full payment is received.

Cancellation Process

48 hours notice is given to cancel or reschedule an appointment. This can through either texting or leaving a message on the clinic mobile telephone number or by emailing info@jigsawcliniclondon.co.uk. If you are running late, waiting charges apply and the agreed length of session remains the same. 

Clients agree to:

  • complete and return intake records and assessments with full disclosure of information pertinent to the work and to let us know if services have been provided in the past or currently that may have a bearing on what we do (e.g., any previous assessments or diagnoses of pre-existing conditions)

  • arrive in good time for appointments and to let us know if any information shared should not be divulged in the report provided

  • not use or distribute reports or documents for anything other than the intended purpose(s).

It is essential that the person for whom the service is requested is aware of the work we are doing, and we do not withhold from them the outcome of any assessment.

Jigsaw Clinic London (JCL) agrees to:

  • arrange a suitable space for any service provided – if the service is commissioned from a school, college, university or by an employer and is completed on-site, such a suitable space will be provided by them

  • only provide services that are within our area of professional competence, and to refer on/signpost accordingly to other more applicable services where appropriate


  • provide assessment reports within a maximum of 4 weeks of the feedback appointment, subject to payment of fee


  • enable and support JCL clinicians to adhere their statutory and professional codes of ethics, conduct and performance; and to monitor and maintain acceptable standards of quality from JCL clinicians


  • monitor acceptable standards of quality from JCL associates. 

Confidentiality and information sharing


Information shared with the clinic is treated in the strictest of confidence. We do not seek or share information with schools, employers, GP services and other health professionals without your consent. The only exception is our statutory responsibilities regarding risk and safeguarding. In exceptional circumstances, we may be directed by a Court of Law to disclose information.


We do not release any assessment test booklets or other copyrighted materials, nor do we routinely provide raw score data on any standardised assessments completed.

Consent is provided by either: 


(i) the client directly when they have capacity to do so or

(ii) their parents/carer or those with parental responsibility.


Consent is separate from our terms and conditions and is on the basis of a positive opt-in. We let you know why we want the data we seek, what we plan to do with it and we inform you how to withdrawn your consent at any point.



We reserve the right to not accept a request for service, not circulate a report or terminate the work if:


  • the request is outside our area of expertise


  • there is a conflict of interest or legal dispute between the people involved


  • as outlined above, we do not provide services to people without their knowledge or without discussing this with them, and will not assess or treat people who have stated that they do not wish for such assessment and/or treatment

  • we cannot provide the service in the timeframe outlined


  • fees have not been paid

  • termination is clinically indicated. 


A full copy of our terms and conditions can be sent to you by emailing info@jigsawcliniclondon.co.uk.